Saturday, 31 August 2013

Cowboy Boots for Toddler Boys - Things to Consider if You are Contemplating Buying a Pair

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Little boys wearing cowboys boots is just one of the cutest looks to me.  It's impossible not to think "adorable" when you hold a pair of boots in your hand.  Then you envision your baby boy in a pair and know that your little guy, nephew, son, grandson or whomever would just look precious in them.

That's what happened to me with my nephew.  When he was just 5 years old, I knew I had to get him a pair.  Heck, he would have looked great at any age wearing them, but that was the age when I first bought him a pair.

I have to admit that I was so excited to get him those shoes.  There are so many different choices when it comes to kid's cowboy boot. I looked at all kinds of styles, colors, and designs.  I asked a lot of questions of myself too.  Do I want real leather, round or pointed toe, slanted heel, how high up should they go on his leg, what color should they be, and more.  Ultimately I went with the Justin brand boot in a standard brown leather color with a basic design.

I wasn't wrong about how adorable he would look.  I went all out with the outfit.  That Christmas was a western theme and he had a pair of Wrangler jeans, button down western long sleeve shirt, brown leather belt...and a really cool pair of leather cowboy boots.  He was the coolest looking little man!

That was the outfit he wore for his kindergarten photo too.  I still have that picture today and it's one of my favorites.  One of the reasons being what he was wearing and how handsome he looked in his cowboy getup.  Of course, it wouldn't have looked complete without his boots. 

That scene occurred several years ago.  Today, my nephew is a grown man.  And cowboy boots are a standard footwear for him and he still looks great in a pair of boots.  Who knows, maybe that first pair made a difference. :)

Looking back would I do it again?  ABSOLUTELY!  But there are a few things I would keep in mind if I were to repeat the gesture.

Things to Consider When Buying:

  • Price - While Justin boots are a quality pair of western wear, the price verses the amount of time worn should be considered.  If your little guy won't be wearing the boot that often, a high quality boot may not be necessary.  You could buy a lower priced boot that looks great and wears well for the time frame it gets worn.
  • Quality - At such a tender age, feet are still developing and you need to be cautious of the style of boot your young man would be walking around in.  Think of arch support, ankle support, size, etc.
  • Size - The size boot you purchase should be given extra consideration too.  For example, how long will his feet stay at it's current size?  Another way to look at it is how soon will he outgrow the boot.  You'll want to give his little foot enough room to move and consideration for a little growth, but it wouldn't be a good idea to buy a pair of boots that are 2 sizes too big if you want him to wear them right away.  At the same time, the boot shouldn't be too small either for his developing feet.

There are other considerations as well that we can talk more about in later posts.  For now this is a good place to start with some thoughts to consider when you buy boys cowboys boots.